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The Ghent Guardian

The Ash Curse Chronicles Prequel

Jade’s obsessed with reading conspiracy theory tabloids, the more outrageous the better. To the amusement of her friends, she finds them a comforting escape from her every day worries. It only makes sense when she accepts an internship at the best tabloid around, believing it will give her a carefree summer. 


Unfortunately, any illusion of comfort vanishes when Anthony, an attractive young lawyer, enlists her help. He claims the tabloid’s keeping a dark secret that threatens his job. When Jade starts investigating, she learns the paper isn’t an escape from the truth at all. Her normal life becomes consumed with the paranormal.


But knowing the tabloid’s secrets makes her position vulnerable, and suddenly it isn’t just Anthony’s livelihood at risk. Her life is too. 

You’ll love this supernatural mystery because it’s a fun romp full of romance, secrets, danger, and unexpected alliances.


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Coming Soon:
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